Eagle Draw Studio Art Classes

By Pam Atkins

Classes Offered at Ocotillo PAC

The emphasis of all art classes is to inspire students to increase their skills and confidence in the visual arts.   Every class offers something new for the student to help improve dexterity in painting, drawing and etc., improve techniques in various mediums, improve knowledge of great artists, and improve self-assurance in their ability to create their own great art.  Plenty of personal attention is available in each class as classes are limited to 10 students.



Fall Semester:             Monday                          Tuition:  10 Week Session

K-2nd Grade                  3:45-4:15                       $100.00 (Supplies included)

3rd-5th Grade                4:30-5:15                       $125.00 (Supplies included)

Adult watercolor         5:30-7:00                       $195.00 (List provided)

Fall Semester:             Tuesday

Adult Drawing              1:00-2:30                       $195.00 (List provided)

6th –Adult Drawing      4:15-5:15                       $145.00 (List provided)

Watercolor Class          5:30-7:00                       $195.00 (List provided)


 Fall Classes Begin Monday, August 27, 2012 and run for 10 weeks.

Some classes may be changed to accommodate student schedules.

Students may pay for one class to sample the session.



Summer Art Classes:  June 11-15, 2012             Tuition: 5 day session

K-2nd Grade              1:00-2:00                            $100.00 (Supplies included)

Class limited to 20 students

3rd-6th Grade               2:30-4:00                           $150.00 (Supplies included)

Class limited to 25 students

These Classes will be conducted by Pam Atkins and Valerie Vaughn

 7th-12th Grade         10:00-11:15                        $150.00 (Supplies included)

(Drawing Class)                                                    Class limited to 10 students

This class will be conducted by Pam Atkins



Spring Classes Begin Monday, January 14, 2013 and run for 10 weeks.

These classes will have a schedule similar to the Fall Semester of 2012.



Please contact Pam Atkins to register for classes:   dpjatkins@pvtn.net  (575-746-6138) (575-365-5783)